Sunday School 9:00 AM
Fellowship 10:00 AM
Sunday Worship 10:30 AM

Life Groups

Life Groups exist to provide people the opportunity to connect and mature in Jesus Christ in a relaxed and warm environment. This is a growing ministry within the church and one that we feel is central in defining the Forks family. Life Groups focus on three main components:

Discipleship—In the Scriptures, a “disciple” is one that follows Christ and learns from him as a student of His Word. Reading, studying, and applying the Scriptures is at the heart of each group, for it is through God’s Word that He speaks to his people. In addition to the Word, Prayer is foundational. Prayer is a means of grace by which we are invited to speak to God, bringing our praise and requests to Him.

Fellowship—One of the greatest blessings in the Christian life is belonging to the Family of God. Sharing community and life with other brothers and sisters in Christ is experienced through the Life Groups ministry. Fellowship provides encouragement as well as the opportunity to bear one another’s burdens and love one another as Christ has loved the church.

Mission—Christ commanded his followers to bring the Gospel (the Good News of His Person and Work) to our community and world. Through the Life Groups, individuals (and the group together) are encouraged to seek ways of bringing to others the Gospel in Word and Deed.

Life Groups are held in one another’s homes, the church facility, or other area locations. If you desire more information or would like to join a group, please contact the church office: 610.942.2626