Sunday School 9:00 AM
Fellowship 10:00 AM
Sunday Worship 10:30 AM



We seek to empower members of the church to carry out various ministries inside and outside the church. We will work to educate, challenge, and encourage all “ministers” (Christians) to identify, develop, and use their gifts. When you are a member of a church you are not a volunteer – you are a disciple of Christ whom he has called to serve others. All members are needed to contribute to the various ministry activities that are vital to our church, such as Sunday morning ministries, Ministry Teams, Life Groups, Missions, and Service projects.

Sunday Morning Ministries

Every Sunday (Lord’s Day) there are people needed to serve in a variety of ministries. From ushering, childcare, teaching in Sunday school, operating the sound system, and other opportunities; people are encouraged to serve where they are willing, gifted, and called.

Missions Team

The Missions team is a group of individuals whose purpose is to support and encourage people, inside and outside the Forks Church in missionary and evangelistic efforts. Meeting monthly, through prayer, financial support, and mobilization of God’s people, the mission’s team seeks to empower God’s people to faithfully carry out Christ’s mission on earth.

Worship Team

Worship is the central purpose of life. The reason for missions is that people would come to know Christ and live out their purpose of worshipping God and enjoying Him for all eternity. The worship team at the Forks Church meets to consider liturgy (the order of worship), music, preaching, and other matters related to worship among the family of God.

Discipleship Team

The Discipleship team exists to oversee and provide biblical education and opportunities for Christian growth among adults and children. The Life Groups Ministry, Sunday school for adults and young people, and spiritual care for children on Sunday’s (childcare and Jr. Church) are some of the ministries that the discipleship team oversees and supports God’s people in carrying out.

Fellowship Team

Belonging to the Family of God and enjoying community among the body of Christ is one of the greatest blessings for God’s people. The fellowship team organizes and works to promote opportunities for believers to be together throughout the year through environments that foster growth in relationships. Coffee hours following worship and seasonal dinners are a few of the ways the fellowship team works to encourage community in the Forks Church.


September through June, the Forks Choir leads the congregation in song and provides weekly anthems. Led by the Directors of Music Ministries (Tom and Julie Darnall) individuals are welcome to participate and join the choir. Practices are held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM.

Servant-Leadership Opportunities

There are many areas of service within the church that are fulfilled by members of the church with certain skills, giftings, and meeting certain prerequisites or training. These Opportunities include:

  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Life Group Leader
  • Office Help
  • Officers (Elders and Deacons)
  • Trustees